Lady Gaga’s face masks: Following Lady Gaga’s appearances at the VMAs – in which she wore a collection of unforgettable masks – searches for face masks that include the terms “bold” and “colorful” spiked 43%, compared to the previous week. 

BTS’ ‘back to work’ suits: Global searches for Gucci grew 16% this week, thanks to BTS’ performance at the VMAs. Within 24 hours following their performance, views of Gucci ties increased 28% while searches for ‘three-piece suits’ spiked 12%. Meanwhile, blazers are trending amongst shoppers with demand rising 10% week-on-week.

Granny panties: As people continue to spend more time indoors, global searches for comfy underwear are rising. Over the past month, searches for briefs and high-rise underwear increased 33% collectively with white and neutral being the most popular colors. Most wanted pieces include Calvin Klein’s high rise cotton briefs, Spanx’s Everyday Shaping briefs, Skin’s organic cotton briefs, and Hanro’s seamless maxi briefs

Flannel shirts: Demand for 2020’s autumn staple, flannel shirts, has been growing since the beginning of August and they’re currently up 48% compared to the same time last year. There was a further 20% spike in searches over the weekend after Katie Holmes was spotted wearing one in green and blue. Most wanted are those by Ralph Lauren and Off-White.

Wellies: Searches for wellies and rubber boots have significantly increased week-on-week, 50% and 29% respectively. Search terms ‘short’, ‘chelsea’ and ‘glossed’ are collectively up 64% compared to the same time last year, highlighting their variety and growing demand. Most wanted are those by Hunter.