The Paris Effect: Paris Fashion Week marks the end of fashion month, but shoppers are still inspired by the looks seen on the parisian streets. Page views for the color pink (+20%), big shoulders (+31%) and extra long sleeves (+42%) are all up compared to last week. At the same time, dresses and knitwear are the two most searched categories alongside key terms such as “sheer” and “naked”; with demand jumping 57% since the start of this month.

Big Shoe Energy: Within the past week, demand for big shoes has soared; searches for chunky loafers increased 23%, while those for platform heels are up 16%. Meanwhile, “gathered” and “slouchy” boots have caught shoppers’ attention as they are being saved 25% more often on their wishlists.

All-Over Lether: Over the past couple of months, leather pieces were the second most-searched-for material, right below denim. Fashion lovers are especially interested in long leather coats (+60%), bomber jackets (+72%) as well as leather pants (+44%), with pageviews for all things leather-like increasing since the start of March.

An Unexpected Duo: Within 24 hours after images of a Burberry x Supreme collaboration surfaced, demand for both brands instantly jumped. Searches for Burberry’s checked pieces more than doubled within a few hours, meanwhile page views for Supreme box logo pieces spiked 55% compared to a week before.