Grandad-Style: David Beckham has been sporting a number of different cardigans in his recent “cottagecore” posts, causing a 66% spike in searches for the category week-on-week. Most popular terms include “knit” and “chunky” whilst searches for “long cardigans” went up 11% week-on-week. Meanwhile, flat caps are also having a moment with searches increasing 23% month-on-month.
Shapewear: With shapewear being worn as outerwear more and more lately, demand for the category has increased significantly. Over the last month searches for shapewear pieces have increased 51% with a focus on compressive bodysuits and seamless unitards while the most commonly searched colours are nude, black and neon. Following Serena Williams’ Instagram post last week searches for Nike unitards spiked 250% within 24hrs while demand for purple increased 60% week-on-week.
Shorts: As shorts have replaced sweatpants post-lockdown, the category has seen a significant spike in searches. This month, searches for linen shorts went up 28% whilst demand for ribbed-knit shorts is growing and currently up 11% month-on-month. Meanwhile, this week shoppers are also looking for tailored shorts with fashion searches increasing 19% week-on-week.
Scarf Tops: Over the last week searches for scarves have increased 15% with silk and printed scarves being the most wanted. Searches for “scarf top”, “bandana top” and “scarf halter top” in particular increased collectively 37% month-on-month, while Versace, Emilio Pucci and Hermes are among the most popular brands.
Shell details: Over the last month searches that include the word “shell” have been rising and are currently up 33% week-on-week. Shoppers are looking in particular for shell clutches – Shrimp’s is most popular – and necklaces. Those by Marine Serre and Saint Laurent are most viewed.