Men's Orange All Sport Athletic Knee High Socks

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Reebok® All Sport socks are a perfect match for your next workout or big game. These durable over the calf athletic socks are crafted using a premium moisture-wicking fabric designed with Aegis Microbe Shield® technology to control the growth of bacteria and fungus, which prevents odors, stains and product deterioration. Strategic cushioning in high-impact areas adds comfort where you need it most, while an embedded arch delivers support. FEATURES: Over the calf athletic socks are perfect for soccer, baseball and more. Environmentally friendly Aegis Antimicrobial Technology controls bacteria and fungus growth. Prevents odors, stains, & product deterioration while maintaining excellent wicking capabilities. Structured cushioning for added protection in high-impact areas. Strategic arch and ankle support. Fabric Content: Textile. We bought these because they were on sale but they fit better than the Add. Brand which were very tight. Very comfy on a kids leg. I bought the size a I usually buy on any other brand, but this Reebok were just extremely smaller. I wore them for an hour and after that I couldn't feel my toes. I guess that if you get them just get one or two sizes bigger. Many socks out there, thisbis the best eventhough its labeled as an all sport sock its better than the baseball sock sold at dicks not sure what brand. Reebok all sport, my son wheres the old time pants that just go down to the knee so its crucial we found a sock that can stretch that far. These socks stay up over the calf well, they have good padding for the sole, I found them on sale so they were a great value & I will definitely buy more. Needed long socks due to a custom orthodox for one of my feet. These socks fit my size 13 feet and provide the needed length up my lower legs. These socks are an excellent fit and comfortable. Perfect color match as well. I can't recommend this product. Or rather, I recommend that you stay away. There are two major issue with these socks. First, they are way, way, way too right. I do not have thick calves/legs, and these socks are harder to put on than any other pair of socks I have ever owned. I mean, like major process. Shoe horns. Crisco. Winch pulley systems. Total nightmare. And then once you manged to get them on, it fits so tight that these things should be marketed to diabetics. Now, one could endure this fitting tragedy, if it were not for the second major issue. The second trainwreck with these things is the fabric in the heel. It became thread-bare the second time I wore them. How I do wish these socks and I to become better strangers. Stay away. I got these socks and am using them to improve blood flow going up my legs. They are improving my condition. Color: orange

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