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This item was picked by you in our Program, and will be sold exclusively online at ModCloth! In the middle of your midday snack-making, an old friend called and asked if she could stop by. What was moments ago a quick task has now become tight hugs splashed with the vibrant green hue of this dress, fun chatter on the topic of its fashionable basket-woven racerback, and reminiscing between sips of vegetable smoothies. So glad to have a companion who will help you select the greenest beans and most lively spinach leaves to add to your concoction, you take a break to twirl the intermission hem of this fitted-waist dress as she does the same by your side. A navy-blue belt, the buckled boots she bought you way back when, and an adorable hair bow enhances the afternoon to perfection, making this look even more fun to wear than it was before!


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