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11 Signs That Everyone’s Dressing As A Stranger Things Character This Halloween

By Kelly Agnew, Senior Fashion Editor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this summer, you’ll be up to speed with the craze surrounding Stranger Things, Netflix’s latest sci-fi series. From Winona’s comeback to a newfound love for Eggo waffles, the 80s-nostalgia hit is the show that keeps on giving (and it’s not over yet). According to our data, shoppers from around the globe are totally enamored with all-things Strange—we've registered searches for Barb’s glasses, tube socks and most notably, pink collar dresses. So, with Halloween just around the corner, we’re betting that someone you know will be dressed like they’re from Hawkins, Indiana. Here are 11 reasons why.

1. This Asos pink Peter Pan collar dress was viewed once every 3 minutes on Lyst last week.

2. 80% of people who searched ‘pink collar dress’ over the same seven days also searched for ‘tube socks'—yes, really.

3. Sales of tube socks have increased 34% in the last month.

"Page views on Barb-style blouses are up 42% compared to this time last month."

4. Blue jackets have also seen a huge spike in searches with this one from Asos being the most popular, receiving 89% more views over the past four weeks than the preceding month.

5. Page views on Barb-style ruffled and pussy bow blouses are up 42% compared to this time last month.

6. More than 3,000 people have searched for a ‘gingham ruffle shirt’ (they’re pretty hard to find, but this Vetements dress is getting extra traffic from the Barb-hunters).

7. This article on Barb-inspired nerd glasses was the most viewed editorial piece on Lyst last week.

8. 271 people have typed (just) ‘Barb’ into the Lyst search bar since the beginning of August.

9. We’re blaming Dustin (and maybe Ash from Pokemon) for a 116% increase in searches for mesh trucker caps in the last two weeks.

"Retro sleeveless vests have registered a surge in searches (up 24% month on month)."

10. Retro sleeveless vests—channeling the 80s puffer down styles seen in Stranger Things—have registered a surge in searches (up 24% month on month) with blue and brown styles garnering most product clicks.

11. Although it's still unseasonably warm, there has been a 223% hike in searches for shearling jackets compared to this time last year. You have Nancy’s fighting gear to thank for that.

Did our data convince you to follow the fad and dress as a Stranger Things character for Halloween? Scroll our edit below to shop the best pieces (all of which you can wear again) for your costume.




Dustin, Mike and Lucas

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