Vans Old Skool Sneakers - Lyst
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Vans Freeze Up Dress - Lyst
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Vans Lions Share Sweater - Lyst
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About Vans

The brand started in 1966 when Paul Van Doren and his partners setup The Van Doren Rubber Company in Anaheim. Blending a Southern California vibe to the practicality needs of skaters, Vans instantly became a smash hit. It broke out of the sub-culture’s hands after the 1982 film Fast Times At Ridgemont High due to main character Jeff Spicoli’s (played by Sean Penn) favoritism of the footwear. Penn would later lend his voice as narrator to the 2001 skating documentary Dogtown And Z-Boys, which was also produced by Vans. The shoes waffle sole, durable canvas material and unique colors and styling have been able to outlast all other competitors. It’s roots and innovative production efforts to the skating sub-culture maintain a loyal fan base as the company continues to deliver an assortment of apparel, equipment and events. Browse and shop the full range of Women's Vans Clothing, Shoes, Accessories and Handbags as well as Men's Clothing, Men's Shoes, Men's Accessories and Men's Bags.
Vans Andorra Sweatpants - Lyst
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Vans Skinny Overall - Lyst
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Vans Deana Ii Backpack - Lyst
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Vans Lock And Load Dress - Lyst
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Vans After Hours Crew - Lyst
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Vans Og Era Lx "Palm Leaf" Sneakers - Lyst
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Vans Isolation Sweater - Lyst
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Vans Push Back Dress - Lyst
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Vans Dipped - Lyst
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Vans Dewitt Walkshort - Lyst
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Vans Newsome Large Bag - Lyst
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Vans Pariso Cargo Pant - Lyst
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Vans Gone Tomorrow Tote - Lyst
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Vans Tempo Crop Zip Hood - Lyst
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Vans Push Back Dress - Lyst
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Vans Marie Dress - Lyst
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