By the 2000’s Ugg boots took the fashion world by storm as a seemingly overnight sensation. Little is it known though that the brand has been around since 1978. Even more obscure is the initial concept target. Ugg boots have been known as the trendy boot to keep women warm in the winter, but it was originally designed as boots to keep surfers warm in between waves. Starting off in Australia’s Byron Bay, surfers would wear the sheepskin boots, but in 1978 Aussie surfer Brian Smith moved to California’s southern coast where he started the brand. It gradually grew throughout the coast and was bought by Decker’s outdoor corporation in the 90’s. They propelled as an international phenomenon when Opra Winfrey declared her love for them on her show in 2000. Today you’ll find women’s, men’s and kids footwear in the classic look but with much more style, colors and variety. Accessories have been added too.