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Vanessa Mooney

Women's Vanessa Mooney Bracelets

Hollywood rebel Vanessa Mooney founded her eponymous jewelry line in 2008 and immediately garnered fans for her unique blend of boho-chic and punk edged aesthetics. The granddaughter of Harry Warner, of the famed Warner brothers, Mooney’s style has been influenced by the rebellious side of Hollywood – bringing a free-spiritedness approach to her designs.

Adorn your wrists in demure yet statement style with Vanessa Mooney bracelets. From arm cuffs, hand chains and bold bangles, find your perfect outfit companion within this unique and interesting range.
Vanessa Mooney The Fates Cuff gold - Lyst
$110 $72 (30% off + Free shipping)
Vanessa Mooney The Fates Handpiece silver - Lyst
$215 $74 (65% off + Free shipping)
Vanessa Mooney The Starlight Arm Band silver - Lyst
$96 $55 (40% off + Free shipping)
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