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Known all over the world for its cutting-edge denim, underwear and ready-to-wear apparel, Calvin Klein is a truly iconic American fashion label. Established in 1968 by Klein and his friend Barry Schwartz, the company began as a modest women’s coat business. Now a much-loved international brand, Calvin Klein has built a reputation and strong identity with timeless yet modern attire.

This essential, dapper range of men’s Calvin Klein accessories features belts, ties, hats and sunglasses. Perfect for year-round styling, each modish item fits seamlessly into contemporary wardrobes with a nod to versatile functionality.
Calvin Klein Wallet beige - Lyst
$71 $40 (40% off)
Calvin Klein Wallet gray - Lyst
$79 $28 (60% off)
Calvin Klein Belt black - Lyst
$69 $42 (35% off)
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