Women's Lanvin Sneakers

Sumptuously luxurious, the oldest of France’s couture houses still reigns supreme in the style stakes. Founded in 1889, Lanvin has carried an impeccable style value for centuries and with their suede trainers gaining something of a cult following, are no less relevant today. Infuse your look with Parisian urban cool with bold styles from the ever eclectic designer. An array of coloures and textures, choose from hi or low-top sneakers each with trademark two-tone toe detail and gross-grain ribbon lace.
Lanvin B Hitop Sneakers - Lyst
B Hitop Sneakers
Lanvin G Lowtops Trainers - Lyst
G Lowtops Trainers
$366 $311
Lanvin G Hitop Trainers - Lyst
G Hitop Trainers
Lanvin Cap Toe Sneakers - Lyst
Cap Toe Sneakers
Lanvin B Lowtops Trainers - Lyst
B Lowtops Trainers
$437 $371
Lanvin G Printed Sneakers - Lyst
G Printed Sneakers
$457 $320