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He of Fashion East fame, Gareth Pugh brought the London fashion scene to its feet when he gradated from Central ST Martins with a stellar exit collection. He now not only shows in London, but also Paris; his provocative shows lend an edge of fascination to the typically commercial French fashion scene.

Roaming all realms of a dark and mysterious underworld, Pugh’s collections read like a compendium of fantasies hailing from strange and wonderful worlds. Perfectly provocative and wildly creative and boundary-pushing, Pugh’s creations are a shortcut to directional cool. Add delectable, futuristic glamour to all your looks with Gareth Pugh coats.
Gareth Pugh Full-Length Jacket gray - Lyst
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Gareth Pugh Coat black - Lyst
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Gareth Pugh Coat black - Lyst
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Gareth Pugh Contrasting Coat black - Lyst
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Gareth Pugh Coat black - Lyst
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Gareth Pugh Coat gray - Lyst
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