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Blue Nike Mens Air Safari Vintage Sneaker

Men's Air Safari Vintage Sneaker for autumn/winter ’12, seen here in blue and yellow. Returning to celebrate its 25th Birthday, the Air Safari has been given a comprehensive re-working for autumn/winter. Re-imagined in a unique faded blue and yellow colourway for a new generation, the iconic shape of the original Safari is instantly recognisable to all sneaker fans and finished with considered vintage details. Crafted with soft suede, nylon and Ostrich effect leather uppers, the style features distinctive texture around the toe and heel. Cushioning, as ever, is in generous supply via the world famous Air sole unit, ensuring this version is added to the ever-growing list of must-have Nike styles. These sneakers fit to size. window.addEvent('domready',function() { var t = new Tips('.tip'); $$('.tip').each(function(tip){ var imgSrc = tip.retrieve('tip:text'); var imgAlt = tip.retrieve('tip:title');'tip:text', new Element('img',{'src':imgSrc,'alt':imgAlt})); }); }); .tip {background:none!important; z-index:999 !important;} .tip-top {padding: 0 !important; width:inherit !important;}

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