No single symbol or name has been more synonymous in sports than the Swoosh and Nike. Its origins began at the University of Oregon where track and field coach Bill Bowerman and his athlete Phil Knight yearned for a high quality, lightweight running shoe. After some help from a manufacturer in Japan, the duo started Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. With no surprise, the specifically enhanced athletic design raced with demand, which led to one of the most profitable athletic wear companies in history. The patent trademark Swoosh and Nike name were founded in 1971, and since then it’s been stamped on all products creating one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Today a Nike product can be found in nearly every sport event with garments and footwear to assist in training. Their athletic enhancing sportswear is made for all men, women and children. The bright bold colors are easily recognizable with just the simple Swoosh accentuation.