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Holiday Gift Guide


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Holiday Gift Guide
  • YinYangForLife YinYangForLife omg....$2000 shopping spree !!
  • therayandthero therayandthero crossing our fingers for a major shopping spree! xx
  • Lyne Gagne Lyne Gagne Love this? Have your say.
  • roztayger roztayger all limbs crossed ! :)
  • myfashionbook myfashionbook <3
  • nouvellarose nouvellarose My Lyst, has already given me the fashion trend available from around the world. The artistic colors and design from each country that display their personal flair for our enjoyment.After 33 years of in the air we here in USA can browse and display the styles from the world... BRAVO
  • clifflewis152 clifflewis152 Love this? Have your say.
  • nmxc nmxc Yes please! I am in serious need of new clothes
  • rachelt rachelt This would be a dream come true!
  • Mathilde Sehested Thormann Mathilde Sehested Thormann I simply adore the Vince coat.
  • formichina formichina Finger crossed xoxo
  • jennb jennb Amazing!!
  • workofstyle workofstyle Love the Vanessa Bruno pants the best <3
  • Katerina Tsironi Katerina Tsironi love the elizabeth and james leather trousers!!!!
  • emmanielsen emmanielsen Love the Philip Lim Clutch Bag!! Am having all fingers crossed!
  • asds asds Finger crossed ! :)
  • danad danad finger crossed!! hope to win :)
  • Patricia Santos Patricia Santos Alexander Macqueen leather jacket just perfect!
  • hangxw hangxw Yes please!
  • Alice Lin Alice Lin I'm doing the wildest happy dance right now. $2000 to a store filled with only the most amazing things ever? I die! FINGERS AND TOES AND EVERY PART OF MY BODY POSSIBLE CROSSED. :)
  • enydona enydona <3 APC knit jumper
  • mrivera mrivera Fingers crossed!!!
  • exuvalia exuvalia If I win, that would be a dream come true. ^_^
  • truecolorworld truecolorworld well this sounds wonderful. {crossing finders!}
  • sngying sngying i will be eternally grateful if i win this!
  • delvanni delvanni hah it's a miracle if i win this!
  • Mia Mia omg, I would be SO happy and my wardrobe, too :)
  • fjar fjar Yea! I love this!!
  • katyathomson katyathomson would be amazing and incredible. The clothes are all so wonderful, I would feel honoured to wear them.
  • debbie28 debbie28 love the Elizabeth And James trousers!....hopefully i'll win! ;)
  • Lúcia Vasconcellos Lúcia Vasconcellos Love the Alexander Mcqueen leather jacket! Well in fact love everything!!!
  • hbpencil hbpencil ADORE the Alexander MCQueen jacket & bramble print tunic dress.. could be a PERFECT NYE outfit!
  • hbpencil hbpencil Found the perfect balance set to be very unhappy!
  • Paulina Ullrich Paulina Ullrich The Vince coat is gorgeous. I hope I win something for the first time!
  • rrushine rrushine I need new clothes!! finger crossed!
  • Kristina Kotzmanova Kristina Kotzmanova Fingers crossed :P
  • leyla leyla thank you
  • mafequintero mafequintero yummm
  • ashia ashia dream!
  • LauraLamaF LauraLamaF DREAM!
  • mimi252 mimi252 I hope to win!!
  • Pascale De Groof Pascale De Groof I am most crazy about the Minute Quilted Bubble Clutch Bag by Phillip Lim~
  • suspicious suspicious I loveee this clothes!!!!!!!!!!! I need to win
  • caryatiddreams caryatiddreams So cozy and perfect, hard to choose what I'd want the most.
  • laterre7 laterre7 I would loooove to win the money so i finally can buy new clothes!
  • Giselle Cid Giselle Cid This would be an amazing gift!!!
  • mzhou mzhou That MCQ jacket!
  • Ellen Kaminagakura Ellen Kaminagakura OMG ! This is the best giveaway EVER ! Certainly will be the best christmas since a long time ! :)
  • hlamar hlamar mcq leather jacket...
  • Karolina Golebiewska Karolina Golebiewska crossing by fingers!
  • manonc manonc I hope I'll win. This would be an amazing christmas grift!
  • oliviamaude oliviamaude what an amazing opportunity!!!!
  • lentesophie lentesophie OMG I'm sooo hoping this is gonna be my Christmas present. would be amazing! x
  • bineta bineta Fingers Crossed
  • freeuh freeuh I just want to look as cool as Rumi! Pick me :)
  • kell7873 kell7873 This wardrobe is like a dream. I am in desperate need of new clothes but I could never afford these...PICK ME PLEASE!!
  • Mysha Gardner Mysha Gardner Amazing as Always!!! What a great way to start the new year! Thanks for the giveaway!
  • DeasySim DeasySim Would love to win this giveaway <3
  • itsmechelle itsmechelle Merry Christmas! :-)
  • Sophie Mexiquer Sophie Mexiquer The Berlin Print Silk Trousers are awesome! Great list <3
  • annastyle29 annastyle29 Would love to actually own one of these lovely pieces instead of just drooling on my iPad :)
  • 4896 4896 Yes I do love them all...pick me please
  • joie joie hoping i'd win this!
  • Yuki Sum Yuki Sum These ARE AMAZINGGGG! ^^
  • sophlmy sophlmy Hope I'll win!
  • Anastasia Henn Anastasia Henn MCQ BY ALEXANDER MCQUEEN looks cool! well, all of the items do! :)
  • janise janise love love love this!
  • 4threetwo4 4threetwo4 Brilliant!
  • Guendalina Isgrò Guendalina Isgrò perfect christmas gift <3 totally in love!!!!
  • louise26 louise26 WOWWWW!
  • sofiastr sofiastr love all of them!
  • First Class Fashionista First Class Fashionista would love to win
  • Becky Evans Becky Evans Crossing my Fingers...Fashion Speaks as to who we are....I could Shout if I won this.
  • Diana Ciornea Diana Ciornea i love them so so much!! crossing fingers you would pick me :D
  • acceptable acceptable This would give me such confidence to go into 2013 with a bang and rock everything I encounter. Plus it would make a great birthday present (my birthday is Dec 25th!). I'm crossing my fingers if I'm chosen. Thank you for the opportunity Lyst & Rumi! XO
  • martar martar amazing collection!
  • innessa innessa I've never won anything, this would be beyond!!!
  • rubberpaul rubberpaul I would have a thrift store extravaganza!!!!!
  • Jordanmurray Jordanmurray I'm feeling leather…urgh i mean, lucky! x
  • valentinaarmato valentinaarmato It would be the best way to start 2013! Fingers crossed:)
  • rosalynakrivos rosalynakrivos love your picks, i would love to win this :))
  • mondeehadibroto mondeehadibroto how do you know who won?
See By Chloé Berlin Print Silk Trousers - Lyst
See By Chloé
Berlin Print Silk Trousers
Not available in your country
McQ by Alexander McQueen Quilted Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Lyst
McQ by Alexander McQueen
Quilted Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Not available in your country
Paul By Paul Smith Bramble Print Tunic Dress - Lyst
Paul By Paul Smith
Bramble Print Tunic Dress
Not available in your country