L'Wren Scott Textured High-Waist Slim-Leg Trousers - Lyst
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About L'Wren Scott

She started off as model and rose up the ranks of becoming a stylist, Hollywood costume designer and eventually started her own label in 2006. She credits the help of launching her brand to the man in her life, Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. Her collections are divine in the sense of creative ingenuity, elegance with a sophisticated aesthetic. Her clothes have been featured on many people of prominence from Michelle Obama to Nicole Kidman. A rich color pallete with refined textiles are produced from worldly and historical inspirations.
L'Wren Scott Straight Pants - Bento Box Red/Black - Lyst
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L'Wren Scott Belted Jumpsuit - Lyst
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L'Wren Scott Sleeveless Blouse - Black - Lyst
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L'Wren Scott Sleeveless Dress - Chartreuse - Lyst
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