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Gifts for Her


Gifts for Her
  • Beatrizhr Beatrizhr I enjoy shopping luxury clothes, accessories and shoes!! I'll be happy winning this great competition :)
  • anetxukrakechup anetxukrakechup I have entered the competition. Your blog is great! :) Keep doing it this well! Greetings from Europe!
  • martiifashionvictim martiifashionvictim I participated in the contest, but if I win I would not know what to choose :) Fingers crossed!!!
  • helena helena I´ve just entered the competition. Want to win so baaaaadly:-)
  • mimmi mimmi Your blog is so inspiring and this competition is great! :)
  • simabima simabima entered the 2.5 k competition, it's too good to pass up! There is so much selection on this site, I don't even know where to begin!!
  • giady759 giady759 Wonderful opportunity! If I win I do not know where to start! i hope! I love Luisa Via Roma :)
  • reets reets In it to win it! Here's hoping for some blingmas treats!!
  • sylwia1797 sylwia1797 I hope I will win::) thanks for the comprtition:)
  • Tamara Torres Tamara Torres Thanks for the competition!
  • evietje evietje I've been in the Luisa Via Roma boutique and saw so many beautiful clothes,...I hope I will win and I can buy something this time! Great competition.
  • Ioana Cocos Ioana Cocos Fingers crossed!! :X
  • myfashionbook myfashionbook <3
  • vanillascent vanillascent Thank you, Jules! For being so inspiring and giving everybody the chance to GLOW! :)
  • Emilia Cabras Emilia Cabras Voglio la borsa a forma di bacio ......
  • Dragana Ivkovic Dragana Ivkovic sounds awesome! I am going to join for sure!:)
  • LauraBanas LauraBanas Thanks Jules for posting this amazing contest! I stumbled upon your blog about a month ago and have been obsessed ever since!
  • Mias Ward Mias Ward Thank you Jules! Perfect gift for the holidays :)
  • momina momina thank you so much! love that shop and your blog! good luck with your career
  • Thalia Reyes Thalia Reyes Hi gorgeous Latina! I love you. This giveaway is amazing:)
  • ClaudiaPaluzzi ClaudiaPaluzzi I have entrered in the competition!!fingers crossed!!
  • laura laura love all!!! i will be happy winning this fantastic competition...thanks jules!
  • Dunja Iv Dunja Iv This is great. I want it.
  • jenhickling jenhickling I'm feeling lucky!
  • Anna Kzounia Anna Kzounia love these!!! I hope I get lucky !!
  • mariuca mariuca Thank you Jules!
  • mariuca mariuca I hope I win!!!
  • innansharapova innansharapova just entered the giveaway! thank you for the opportunity, Jules! xx
  • kbs kbs Entered the competition! :) Thanks Jules
  • standout standout just hope to win <3
  • pampam90 pampam90 I love this!! Hope I win. Thanks Jules!
  • Tequetta Jefferson Tequetta Jefferson I just entered to win and hope I do as I see some very nice items I am in need of! I check your blog everyday!
  • primarycolors primarycolors Crossing my fingers!
  • ezak ezak So fun! Love these clothes- hoping for some serious good luck!!
  • happythebruin happythebruin hope to be lucky this christmas!
  • yourfashionchic yourfashionchic I enjoyed this's a wonderful idea :-)
  • andreaechegoyen andreaechegoyen Good luck to me!!
  • veravk veravk Super competition! Thanks Jules! Hope I win!!!
  • christinnguyen christinnguyen Talk about generosity when it comes to the holiday season! This a great competition. Luisa Via Roma and Sincerely, Jules are both fantastic! Fingers crossed.
  • majas majas Jules I entered aswell !
  • lfarrell82 lfarrell82 Fingers crossed and praying, this would be wonderful
  • joanamarques joanamarques Lovely giveaway!!! hope win! yeah!
  • reynalcantara reynalcantara Thaks Jules!!
  • UmBlogFashion UmBlogFashion I hope to win :)
  • Orquid Acevedo Orquid Acevedo I've entered and will be keeping my fingers crossed :-)
  • elisabeththys elisabeththys Can't wait for December 17th!
  • Vanessa Montes Vanessa Montes crossing my fingers and toes.. thanks, Jules!
  • saramweber saramweber What an incredible collection! Would LOVE to win. Thank you Jules!
  • Valerie Migneault Valerie Migneault Hi! love luisa via roma.
  • dixonlea dixonlea Hope to win! So I can rock out like JULES!
  • hmparkk hmparkk This is great! Thanks Jules (;
  • Mary Stovall Mary Stovall I absolutely love it all!
  • Camila Marín Alarcón Camila Marín Alarcón I just entered :)
  • Eleni Anagnostopoulou Eleni Anagnostopoulou I entered! Fingers crossed!! :)
  • sonit sonit Great blog, and fantastic competition. Thank's Jules.
  • mirentxu mirentxu I entered too! Hope I win! I love everything!!
  • jackii2 jackii2 I just entered! I recently found your blog and absolutely love your style! Hoping to win :)
  • Cristina Reis Santos Cristina Reis Santos Great competition!! Thank you so much, Jules! Hope to win!!! ;D
  • Catalina Rivera Catalina Rivera Just entered! love your blog and your style and that's why I'm here!
  • msw7241 msw7241 Just entered. Thanks Jules! Fingers crossed!
  • vicks5 vicks5 Thank you so much! Hoping to win...;-))
  • gabi123 gabi123 I just entered.Grateful for jules who offers such a great opportunity right before the holidays.There is so many gorgeous things on here,I dont know where to begin.Sending kisses from Italy <3
  • foxie foxie Thank you Jules!! Just entered and wanna win soooo much!!! Can't wait!!!
  • leyla leyla thank you for the opportunity
  • niks84 niks84 Pleeeeaaassseee pick me!!
  • Mary Stovall Mary Stovall Jules, this is a great opportunity for 'us all'! I hope you'll be able to "pick me"!!
  • sousou sousou !!!!!!!
  • jcolet5 jcolet5 Fingers crossed!!
  • Samantha Park Samantha Park Hope I win :) Merry Christmas!
  • Jennifer Victor Jennifer Victor winner winner a pair of new shoes dinner
  • Jennie Yoon Jennie Yoon Thank you Jules!!!!! Happy holidays <3<3
  • Gziel Jalosjos Gziel Jalosjos I'm IN! Yay!! I have entered! Thanks Jules!
  • Mary Stovall Mary Stovall I've entered & I love the "collection" of all I picked! This would be a wonderful win..after my heart surgery!!
  • Mary Stovall Mary Stovall Jules..You've a wonderful blog & a fabulous Collection too. That is why I' here!!
  • vih vih Thank you!!! Happy Holidays!!!
  • Sho Rina Sho Rina thank you n Merry Christmas to all!
  • marnold marnold In love with those Charlotte Olympia pumps! Entered and sent to all of my family and friends spreading the Christmas love!
  • mvu mvu Entered! what a fab site discovery! thank you!!!
  • clynas clynas Just entered! :) Thanks Jules!
  • Stef Nie Stef Nie there's santa, the christkind and jules!!! xoox
  • camcam camcam Christmas before christmas! thanks for the opportunity ! fingers crossed :)
  • norisuky norisuky entered!!! love u Jules!!!
  • ClaudsLove ClaudsLove Hope to win!!! Great Experience and opportunity to learn more about fashion =)
  • jcarlson22 jcarlson22 Awesome contest, just entered, thanks Jules!
  • alexa88 alexa88 Thanks for the tip Jules!As everyone else hope to win:) lots of beautiful things on my wishlist!
  • noellerusso1 noellerusso1 Love your style as well as your generosity! I've entered to win...fingers crossed:-)!
  • Jessika Wilson Jessika Wilson Good luck everyone!
  • janja87 janja87 Just entered! You're the one Jules!
  • Nirma Ledford Nirma Ledford I have entered
  • Caroline Luxa Caroline Luxa thanks jules :)
  • Aminee Aminee <3 <3 I am the winner and I am gonna take it all! <3 <3 fashion
  • chattaa chattaa Just entered! Happy holidays to all! :)
  • Sofia Araujo Sofia Araujo so cool! happy holidays!! thank you jules ;)
  • pamelamoliterno pamelamoliterno I will win....
  • pamelamoliterno pamelamoliterno I will win
  • honbomb honbomb GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE OF YOU!
  • nessarielle96 nessarielle96 this is a really awesome oppurtunity! thank you jules :) happy holidays to jules,LYST, and to everyone that entered!
  • Whittyyy Whittyyy This would be amazing to win! Thanks Jules and Luisa Via Roma! Good Luck to everyone.
  • lisasaia lisasaia i hope i win!! :) thanks jules for the heads up!
  • badgirlke badgirlke ive entered for a chance to win, thanks Jules Xoxo
  • Mary Stovall Mary Stovall I have entered for a chance to win! Thanks Jules <3
  • aigerim0307 aigerim0307 Thanks Jules and Luisa Via Roma for this great competition!
  • carafoodie carafoodie just entered. im in love with everything on here!x
  • leyla leyla who is the winner?
  • Mary Stovall Mary Stovall I would love to know whom is the winner?!!
  • LisaGiancola LisaGiancola I love everything on here!! xx
Delfina Delettrez Red Mouth and Pearl Earrings - Lyst
Delfina Delettrez
Red Mouth and Pearl Earrings
Michael by Michael Kors Sloan Hamilton Quilted Leather Clutch - Lyst
Michael by Michael Kors
Sloan Hamilton Quilted Leather Clutch
Not available in your country