From the railroad workers at the turn of the century, to the Harley bikers of the Hell’s Angels through the runway fashion models of today, Levi’s can be worn by anyone anywhere. The American global brand is synonymous with denim jeans and holds credit of being the first blue jeans. The company, Levi Strauss & Co., was started by Loeb Strauss, popularly known as Levi, in 1853. The brand became & Co. in 1863 after David Stern joined where his descendants are still connected to the company today. The pivotal moment came in 1873 when the company, along with inventor Jacob Davis, received a patent for riveting pants, which made them more durable creating a new category of workwear. Since then Levi’s has spruced up their denim jeans with different washes and styles. They’ve added outerwear, shirts, shorts, pants, jumpers, accessories and footwear for both men and women, but their historical reputation and philosophy of stylish durability still remains intact, as does their home headquarters in San Francisco for over 160 years now.

Levi's Straw Fedora Hat - Lyst
Straw Fedora Hat
Levi's One Pocket Tunic - Lyst
One Pocket Tunic
Levi's Canvas Sahara Hitop Boots - Lyst
Canvas Sahara Hitop Boots
$70 $52 (25% off)
Levi's Wrap Shirt - Lyst
Wrap Shirt
Levi's Legging - Lyst
Levi's 535 Leggings in Faceted Camo - Lyst
535 Leggings in Faceted Camo
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Levi's Endless Summer Wash - Lyst
Endless Summer Wash
$54 $40 (25% off)
Levi's Soulful Dark Wash - Lyst
Soulful Dark Wash