Fred Perry

The laurel wreath is nearly as symbolic in the sporting world as the Nike Swoosh. Fred Perry was a champion English tennis player who won 10 majors, eight grand slams and three consecutive Wimbledon Championships to name a few of his accomplishments. But it was meeting Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner that propelled his sporting success into the fashion world. Wegner suggested a clothing venture and after bouncing some ideas, the two came up with the wrist and forehead sweatbands in the 1940’s. However, it was the 1952 debut of the Perry Polo shirt that became truly iconic, timeless and spawned countless imitations ever since. A simple dress-like shirt made for the casual urbanite in the clubhouse, made its mark with an aristocratic laurel wreath above the left breast. Soon enough everyone was adopting the shirt from all walks of life. Today the trademark symbol remains on all garments for both men and women lifestyle collections that fuse together sporty structure with urban vibe.