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Brown Maxi Coat in Short Haired Natural Antilop Fur

Maxi coat in short-haired natural antilop fur. Fully lined with lamb and goatskin. Long sleeves, cut-out collar. Maxi snap button fastening on front. For the new 2012-2013 Fall/Winter collection, RĂ©villon introduced Andrew Heather who worked for Givenchy 13 years prior. In the show for this collection, there was no music nor extras used; it was a simple, yet captivating show. Heather uses an innovative technique, using furs to replace the usual satin lining, creating a double-faced fabric. The whole collection is based around the use of different skins and fur used in a more subtle manner than Rick Owens did when he gave RĂ©villon an edgy factor 10 years ago. Heather managed to keep the characteristics of the skins and furs while also incorporating the best element of fashion as possible. An overall collection combining know-how and trends for a new take on fur. Fall-Winter collection 2012-2013

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