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Gray Christopher Kane Security Flock Stripe Tee

Men's Security Flock Stripe T-Shirt for autumn/winter ’12, seen here in grey. Taking a marked departure from the bold prints of last season, this collection of pieces from Christopher Kane instead incorporates deep and luxurious winter colours, which he says remind him of “the inside of a coffin”, and blocks of contrasting colour, created via tactile flocking. This pieces starts with a soft grey cotton t-shirt, onto which flocking has been applied in thin pinstripes, in deep burgundy. The flocked stripes have a velvet-like sheen that gives the t-shirt a luxurious quality, while also giving it a slightly course texture, which is both interesting and unique. Please note, any irregularities within the flocking are part of the overall design and may vary from garment to garment. The flock will also fade and wear with time. Made in Italy from 100% cotton with 100% viscose panels, please machine wash cool.

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