Barneys New York

After pawning his wife’s engagement ring for $500 in 1923, Barney Pressman set out on a dream that soon became a fantastically curated legend. The small time retail operation he started with 40 high-quality name brands sold at discount prices in a 500 sq. foot Manhattan store quickly infuriated the behemoth manufacturers who thought they controlled distribution. Today, Barneys New York continues that dream, selling premium brands from over 400 designers and giving design’s youth culture a luxury platform to display their cutting edge style. While their flagship remains in Manhattan, it has expanded to over 200,000 sq. feet giving each floor and section a unique boutique look for a personalized shopping experience.

A shopping fanatic’s mecca since it first opened in 1923, Barney’s one of America’s most iconic department stores. Celebrating and stocking all things fashion, Barney’s New York is a range of exclusively designed and manufactured men’s and women’s clothing and footwear that has been made solely for the retail powerhouse. With a collection that has rapidly expanded to include homewear and a kid’s line, anything from Barney’s New York comes with the hallmarks of quality and craftsmanship you’d expect from a heritage brand.

Barneys New York Gwenn - Lyst
Barneys New York
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