After working at Anne Klein, American born designer Donna Karan launched her own label in 1984. She set out to make clothes that she herself would want to wear, thus building the collection around ‘Seven Easy Pieces’ which made up the foundation of the label. These simple separates could be easily mixed and matched to create a chic, cohesive wardrobe. She became famous for her jersey basics and bodysuits with a basic monochromatic pallet. Karan instinctively knows how to dress a woman and this has since been recognized by the CFDA who awarded her with a lifetime achievement award in 2004. The house of Donna Karan has now become a major American fashion institution. The brand now includes menswear, childrenswear, homewear, beauty and fragrance; in addition to her more affordable line DKNY.

The DKNY line was inspired by Donna Karan’s daughter Gabby. It was launched in 1989 as a more affordable line, Karan was one of the first designers to create this trend for off-shoot lines calling them “pizza to Collection's caviar.”